How much money do you earn and where does it go?

We want to know all about your spending habits.

By Mel Evans

Cosmo wants to know how YOU spend your money! From those of you in the corner office tipping six figures to the students scrimping their pennies together to buy a happy hour goon and juice, we’re keen to know how much you make, how you spend it and where you save it. Isn’t that fun?

Why? We’re putting together a massive special on our readers’ spending, saving and earning habits for a future issue of Cosmo mag.

Side note: we understand this is all sensitive info you’re handing over, so we can’t stress to you enough how locked-down we’ll keep your deets – they’ll only be seen by Cosmo. We’ll contact those of you that need to give us a little more information, and if you haven’t been contacted, any figures we use elsewhere in the magazine will be treated as anonymous.