7 things smart women do every month (hint, hint)

Take a leaf out of Carrie Bradshaw and Khloe Kardashian's book. Stat.

By BTYB REST Industry Super
Carrie SATC

1. Backup their hard drive

Carrie Bradshaw taught us a lot. She taught us that being overdressed wasn’t a thing (remember her trip to Maccas in Oscar De La Renta?) and that balayage was always a good idea. But if there’s one thing she taught us that has stuck, it’s to always back up our hard drive. Although these days it might be more iCloud accounts than floppy discs, smart girls are backing up their computers and phones on the reg.

2. Set a fitness goal

Even if it’s just to find the time for a 30 minute walk, three times a week, it’s important to find a workout that works for you — and just do it! Many successful women credit exercise for keeping them balanced, Khloe Kardashian included. “It’s for health and it’s for my sanity,” she told E! News. “It’s for my mental clarity, that’s why I enjoy working out.” Consider us schooled, KoKo.

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3. Check their super

It might sound boring, but keeping your super in check can save you a heap of $$ in the long run. If you’ve worked for more than one employer, chances are you’re paying more super fees than you need to be. Combining all of your funds could save you loads. You can check yours online at REST Industry Super — it literally takes MINUTES — and then they can consolidate all your funds so you don't get stung with extra fees.

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4. Read a new book

Whether it means sacrificing some Instagram scrolling before bed or waking up a little earlier, try and fit in one or two chapters a day. And if that fails, try listening to a new podcast instead. Your commute to work will suddenly become a lot more interesting and so will you with all your new knowledge. #Bookworm.

5. Take time for themselves

Nothing you do will work if you’re not properly functioning. Treat yo’ self to a solo pamper sesh at least once a month — even if it’s just having a bubble bath — and make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Our favourite (mah favrite) businesswoman and beauty guru, Zoë Foster Blake, makes sure she never has her phone in bed. “I deliberately put (our phones) on the other side of the room and charge them over there,” says the Break-up Boss founder.

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6. Find one way to budget for the month

Each month, find one new way to save money. It's not as hard as it sounds. Restrict your takeaway coffee order to one a week, make your own lunch or save up those bus/train/ferry/tram dollars and walk to work (or part of the way) a few days a week. Whatever it is, you can change it up the following month before you get bored.

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7. Find time to organise

Take a couple of hours out of every month to get your inventory in check. Get out your diary (you know, the one you used for the first three days of Jan) and schedule appointments, pay bills, set your monthly budget and write down three goals. Each month check back in and tick off your ‘done’s and rework your ‘not done’s. Setting goals will give you a focus and daily drive.

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