Study says that your weight could be affecting your employability, ONLY if you’re a woman


By Erin Cook

Warning: we’re about to tell you something that you don’t want to hear.

Recently, a new study out by PLOS ONE found that when it comes to the recruitment process, overweight women are less likely to be employed for a customer-facing job than an overweight man.

Overall, researchers found that obese or overweight people are more likely to face discrimination. However, it was women who were judged the harshest.

They came to these conclusions by asking 120 people to analyse the photos of 40 strangers – all of whom were equally qualified – and decide which of the candidates they would be most likely to hire.

Within the set of 40 pictures, were four men and four women who were used as the test dummies. Two images were created for these participants: one with a picture of their actual face and the other with a face that was digitally altered to look heavier.

The study found that the women were negatively affected by having an overweight appearance but the men were not.

Knowledge is power. But sometimes, knowledge is also plain depressing.