Aussie workplaces that are smashing gender equality

Props to these pioneering companies spearheading equal rights.

By Danica Baker
workplaces smashing gender equality pay gap equal rights

It's no secret that women are totally jipped when it comes to equal treatment in the workforce. Unfortunately discrimination is the reality - the pay gap exists, and motherhood penalty is all but too real. Some reports even predict that total equality won't be reached until 2050. Thankfully, these Aussie workplaces have recognized that we're no longer living in the Stone Age and are pulling out all of the stops for equal opportunity. Virtual high five!


As most expectant mums (or doting dads-to-be) prance out the door to begin their maternity leave, their return to the workforce is so far in the future that it almost seems mythical. So by the time that point arrives, it's not unusual for baby mamas/dadas to change their plans and decide to stay home with their wee ones, rather than return. After all, when the price of child care is considered a lot of salaries barely seem worth having.

This is where Caltex have stepped up to the plate. They've launched a package calledBabycarewhich helps ease financial pressure for the primary carer after they return from maternity leave by providing them with a 3% quarterly bonus up until the bub's second birthday. Employees are also eligible to receive up to $1500 of emergency child care through dial-an-angel (a babysitting service).

We don't know about you, but with perks like these, we might just spend our weekends baby-making!

Cars and IT are both typically 'blokey' areas, which makes it all the more exciting to see this awesome example of gender equality. has unveiled a feature called 'unconscious bias training' for their teams. This training aims to open eyes about subtle ways that gender bias can creep into the workplace, like rewriting job advertisements to make them more appealing to women – rather than just men.

The company is also planning on working with schools and universities to train up the next generation of female developers and programmers who can cut code and build software. Sheldon Cooper would approve.

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Lend Lease

The smart peeps over at Lend Lease have recognized that gender equality means that dads can be primary baby carers too. Revolutionary! So, they've implemented parental leave in which the parent – whether they're male or female – is entitled to 18 weeks paid primary carer leave at any point in the 52 weeks since bae entered the world. But wait, it gets better! If both parents work for the company they can tag team their primary carers leave to help look after their child.

Soooo how do we get a job at Lend Lease?!

Telstra and Suncorp

It's not just the little people jumping up to help reach gender equality; the Beyoncé's of the business world are doing their bit too. Telstra and Suncorp have recognized that both men and women have caring responsibilities outside of work – be it a baby or another family member - and that just because their employee don't want to miss their child's first day of school, or hold their mum's hand as she gets her doctors results – doesn't mean that they're not committed to their job. This is why both companies have introduced flexible work arrangements. As a result their employees are happy little vegemites as they have a say over when, how and where they work. In fact, a whopping 84% of Suncorp's employees say they now working with a degree of flexibility. Spams Suncorp with resumes

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