12 times Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder were so cute it made you vom

He just carried her dress at Cannes and well, we just had to.

  1. When they made their first red carpet appearance as hubby and wifey and he carried her train like a chivalrous hero.

  1. Last week when Nikki instagrammed this Honeymoon snap: "Salty...sandy...sticky...sunburned. The best. I love this human. My human."

  1. Every time they loved their animals as much as they loved each other.

  1. When they post shiver-inducing tweets like these:

  1. The time he smooched her reeeeeeal good at another one of their philanthropic ventures, the ‘Beyond Hunger: A Place At The Table’ Gala.

  1. When these vampires (i.e. stars of Twilight and The Vampire Diaries) turned into absolute snow bunnies.

  1. A few months ago when they were Coachella cuties and donned matching hats. #Swag

  1. Every time they gushed over their amazing pups.

  1. Oh, and their feline companions. We respect that when playing of the field when it comes to cats and dogs, no side is better, just different.

  1. When they were loved-up at a Lakers game and they didn't give a flip who saw. LET THEM WATCH!

  1. Their whimsical, bohemian wedding.

  1. And when he simply couldn't shut up about the magic of it all. <3