'13 Reasons Why' star Brandon Flynn opens up on being bullied

He's nothing like his character..

He may have played popular-jock-slash-high-school-heart-throb Justin Foley in 13 Reasons Why, but Brandon Flynn has revealed that his upbringing was pretty much the total opposite of his character’s.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he said,

"When I was in middle school, I dealt a lot with people not being cool with me being into acting. They [kids] thought it was feminine.”

He added, "They thought I should be in sports. I was chunky, so I got made fun of for that. It was hard. It put me in a dark space of not wanting to be myself and trying to be what others wanted me to be."

So sad!

It got to be so much for poor Brandon that he fell into a dangerous cycle of substance abuse, with the 23-year-old revealing,

"I self-medicated a lot; I did a lot of drugs and I chose to quiet my truth and alter my perception to make it easier to be comfortable."

"Jessica is the character I relate to the most. The way she dealt with her attack was similar to the way I dealt with things in high school," he shared.

"I numbed myself constantly and ignored the truth of certain things. Jessica uses drugs and alcohol and leans toward promiscuous behavior afterward, and she doesn't address the idea that she was raped. She ignores it even though her character knows it deep in her heart."

These days, the actor is thankfully in a much better place, and hopes that his work in 13 Reasons Why helps others to discuss these issues more openly rather than having to suffer in silence.

"I'm happy to not be Justin in my life and speak up against the injustices we are doing as a society,” he said.

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