5 things to know so you can pretend you were at Harry Styles' album release party

'Cos we all wish we were there IRL.

It’s been one helluva week for Harry Styles.

Not only did he drop his music video, spawn the internet’s new fave meme, announce a documentary, get himself a girl, and buy pizza for die-hard fans - but to top it all off he just celebrated his album release with a ~lit af~ party hosted by iHeartRadio and Z100.

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We all wish we could have been there, if not for the bragging rights of seeing Hazza up close and personal in all his ~glory~.

But lucky for us the internet exists, and with that comes every detail of the 23-year-old’s special celebration.

So if you, like us, want to lie to your mates and pretend that you were totally there, then DW – we’ve got you covered with our list of the five things you need to know to make it sound believable.

It even might be wise to even throw in a, “he even winked at me while singing ‘Sign of the Times’,” for good measure, y'know?

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1. The first song he played was ‘Ever Since New York’

Haz kicked off the set with the track he performed on Saturday Night Live back in April. During the performance, he apparently got fans to sing along while holding the microphone over the crowd.

Need a refresher? Check out his SNL performance below...

2. He dragged someone for missing school

Okay, so ‘drag’ might be a little harsh – but when one member of the audience spilled to him that they had skipped school for the show, he said, "That is something that I cannot condone," and later yelled out to the girl, “Go back to school!”

Oh Harry, you jokester, you.

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3. He brought a little girl on stage for her birthday

In what we hear was one of the sweetest moment of the night, he brought a little girl celebrating her 8th birthday up on stage and had the entire crowd sing ‘happy birthday’ to her as she stood next to the former 1D hottie.

Hear that? That's the sound of our ovaries exploding...

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4. He played a song he had never performed live before

He asked the crowd to ‘be nice’ as he performed an unreleased track from his new album called ‘Carolina’ – which was the song that he performed the next morning on the Today Show. He also opened up about making his solo debut,

“It’s a piece of me that I’ve never put out before,” Harry said. “I’ve never made an album myself. I’ve learned a lot.”

5. He tried to stage dive… And failed.

Whether the small crowd weren’t strong enough to hold him up or no one was expecting it, poor Harry attempted to pull an OG rock star move and stage dived into the crowd…

...Where he promptly fell on the floor.

Luckily, no one was hurt and Haz got right back up on stage without injury (except maybe to his ego).

Perhaps he’s been watching his ‘Sign of the Times’ video too much and thought he could fly..?

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So there you have it. All the deets you need to know to pretend you were a total ~VIP~ at Harry’s intimate album release party.

Now go make your friends green with envy.

Hell, you may as well add in that you were kicked in the face during his failed stage dive, too, ‘cos why not?

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