61 thoughts we had during Yeezy Season 3 and 'The Life of Pablo' album launch

Yo Kanye, Imma let you finish...

By Mel Evans
61 thoughts we had during Yeezy

  1. Important: Where is Kim Kardashian?

  1. Yes, that actually was my first thought.

  1. Kanye loves his green.

  1. Sorry, khaki.

  1. Finally. That was a whole 5 minutes or something. But here are the Kardashians. And Jenners. And (most importantly) North West. <3

  1. They should play the Imperial March.

  1. Can't.Not.Look.At.Kim.

  1. They're all in white.

  1. Kim’s hair is even white.

  1. That’s totally a wig though.

  1. Woah, hold up, why is Kanye walking through the audience?!

  1. Ohhh he’s walking in Lamar!

  1. Woah, hold up, Lamar is there?!

  1. Kanye helped him to his seat and I'm suddenly melting for him? What is up with that?

  1. Sheesh, he looks good in a cap.

  1. Even though it says “Yeezus” on it.

  1. He can’t use his computer and calls in IT support. #Classic.

  1. I have actual goosebumps.

  1. This guy in front of me is loving this beat sick.

  1. My workmates are already crying…

  1. Naomi.

  1. Campbell.

  1. Say.

  1. No.

  1. More.

  1. Taylor Swift burn – “I made that bitch famous”

  1. What if those models need to sneeze?

  1. What if the models want to dance?

  1. Was that sound in the song, or did he actually just get an email?

  1. It was probably from Taylor. Lolz.

  1. Model needs smoko.

  1. Yep, he’s literally smoking.

  1. Do you think the models are thirsty? I'm thirsty.

  1. This guy in front is seriously loving life.

  1. 50 Cent is there? Is he not bankrupt or something?

  1. Oh dear god, now the models are dropping like flies.

  1. Well, the male ones - girls still standing strong.

  1. Shit, we're malfunctioning.

  1. Wait. No, it's the song.

  1. How many times has Kanye said his name on this song?

  1. A lot.

  1. Actual line: "I love you like Kanye loves Kanye" #Classic.

  1. The models are crying and I'm not sure if it's because of the music, or they're just bored of standing up.

  1. I need another coffee.

  1. Shit, now the girls are dropping.

  1. This is like a survivor challenge.



  1. Can someone please turn up the A/C in Madison Square Garden?


  1. Smoke! The place is on fire.

  1. I need to take this more seriously.

  1. You kiss your baby with that mouth, Kanye?

  1. I wish I bought snacks.

  1. Anna Wintour looks bored. She always does though. #amirite.

  1. Do you reckon Anna listens to rap?

  1. Carine Roitfield dances like she’s tripping.

  1. You can seriously walk on the moon in those boots.

  1. Ohhhhh fits in with that moon theme (or I’ve made that up).

  1. This is actually like a house party. But the wifi doesn’t work so Spotify keeps cutting out.

  1. Get on Tidal. Jk.

  1. I feel infinitely cooler just by being here.