A Friends reunion finally happened

Bless you, Jimmy Kimmel, for letting us relive our happiest memories.

Jennifer Aniston visited her close friend Jimmy Kimmel on the set of his late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live this week. That made us pretty happy.

Then Jimmy suggested they act the out Friends fan-fiction he wrote as a kid, and Jen was sceptical… but she agreed.The only thing she wouldn't do was don a 'Rachel' wig - and we're OK with that.

With the show’s 20-year anniversary next month (yes, you are that old), we were pretty much beside ourselves as Jimmy revealed the kitchen set he’d painstakingly recreated for the sketch.

Next minute, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow are on-set too, and we have ourselves a Rachel, Monica and Phoebe reunion (while Jimmy plays the role of Ross, ha!). Watch it, because it’s beautiful…