A Grandma’s hilarious reaction to Nicki Minaj

“Your marriage would never last.”

By Lorna Gray

Watching Nicki Minaj twerking is enough to get most of us hot under the collar so can you imagine the lols when someone of the ‘older generation’ witnesses our Nicki writhing around Anaconda style?

Imagine no more.

American teenager Kevin Droniak, 17, filmed his Grandma’s reaction to Nicki’s Anaconda music video and it is HILARE.

It has to be said, she’s an absolute trooper and we reckon we’d be squirming in our seats more than she is!

“Why would I want to watch this?” Kevin’s Grandma asks, matter-of-factly. “No, I don’t like it. It’s not my style.”

She then goes on to say if Kevin married Nicki it “would never last.”

It’s one of many videos cheeky Kevin has of his grandmother on YouTube and we cantotallysee why - We sooo want to adopt her as our own…