A new book says Kris Jenner “engineered” Kim’s sex tape

This be some serious momager action…

By Mel Evans

It’s nearly been a decade since the release of Kim’s notorious sex tape – time flies, doesn’t it? – but some things just never go away, it seems.

In a new book, Kardashian Dynasty, author Ian Halperin quotes an “adult film industry” source who says a mutual friend of Kim and then-BFF/task master Paris Hilton gave Kimmy some business advice along the lines of “sex tape = fame”*. Said source also said Kim had “discussed the idea of producing a tape with her family beforehand” and that Kris “engineered the deal behind the scenes and was responsible for the tape seeing the light of day.”

Coz that’s how my dinner table chat goes: “hey ma, thinking of becoming famous – might have sex on camera.” “Lovely darling, I’ll get the camcorder.”

We all know how the rest ends – Kim and Vivid (the company that released the vid) settled for a reported $5 million and Kim went on to become pretty much the most famous person in the world – taking her family with her – and now makes $5 million by breakfast.

But this is some seriously mind-warping shiz…if it be true. Seeing as Halperin’s last book was titled Whitney and Bobbi Kristina, we will leave judgement on whether this whole schtick is fact or fiction up to you. Coz jumping into family rumours seems to be his bag.

Note: a rep for Kim has since said that "all the assertions are false."

No surprises there, really.

*may or may not have been what was said