Your noughties dreamboi, Aaron Carter, just got arrested for DUI and drug possession charges


By Natasha Harding
Aaron Carter arrested

ICMYI: Over the weekend Aaron Carter and his girlfriend, Madison Parker, were arrested for DUI and drug-possession charges. The pair were reportedly driving to a show in Missouri when they were pulled over by police.

Hours later, Aaron’s PR tweeted that the singer would be unable to make the performance due to ‘transportation issues’.

Aaron has since made bail after being accused of drink-driving along, possession of drug paraphernalia and less than 28 grams of marijuana, while Madison was charged with possession of marijuana and obstruction of law-enforcement officers.

Aaron’s older brother, Nick, from the Backstreet Boys, has since commented on the arrest, showing support for Aaron in a series of tweets:

“To my brother: I love u no matter what & if u feel the need to reach for help, I am here and willing to help you get better,” he tweeted.

“Family isn’t always easy,be we’re all here for you.”

The turn of events comes as particularly shocking as only days before Carter was filmed criticising Shia LeBeouf’s drunken arrest, stating in a video obtained by TMZ, “You won’t catch me getting any DUIs ... I don’t even drink.”

Welp, it seems there’s more to this whole thing than meets the eye.

More news as it comes.