Accidental celebrity orgasm faces

11 times celebrities could potentially have climaxed.

Accidental celebrity orgasm faces

Let’s face it, we don’t have much control over our facial muscles when we climax. Our bodies are pretty preoccupied elsewhere.

So NEWSFLASH, when it comes to O time, chances are you don’t look quite like the sex goddess you imagined. Soz.

That being said, here are celebrities brilliantly (and accidentally) illustrating the 11 kinds of orgasm you have probably experienced. Or will do in the future. Good luck with that…

1) Rihanna

“More, MORE, MORRREEE!!!!”

2) Christina Aguilera

Multiple orgasms – probably causing her to hit previously unexplored vocal heights. Which is a big deal for Xtina.

3) Britney

Surprised, confused and maybe a bit ashamed.

4) Beyoncé

Looks like Queen Bey is experiencing ‘delirium tremens’. Or a ‘shaking frenzy’ for those of us who don’t speak doctor.

5) Eva Mendes

Because... Ryan Gosling?

6) Nicki Minaj

Really trying to enjoy herself.

7) Oprah

Enjoying herself too much.

8) Anne Hathaway


9) Jennifer Lawrence

Pointing to the door, because his job is now over.

10) Natalie Portman

Unleashing her inner psycho.

11) Riri, again

The one with the sexual dark side. Obvs.