Watch: Adele getting attacked by a swarm of mozzies mid-concert is literally all of us

Hands up if you can relate.

By Natasha Harding

Mozzies prove once again that they DGAF about human lives as they stormed their way into living legend, Adele’s Brisbane concert at the Gabba.

The realisation happened when Adele was in the middle of asking if anyone in the audience was having a mum’s night out at her concert when chaos struck.

But rather than ignoring the pesky little twerps, Adele had absolutely ZERO chill about the matter and spent the next minute screaming around the stage yelling, ‘they’re trying to kill me!’.

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Never change, Adele – kay?

Just when she thought she’d got away from the blood-sucking space invaders, they come right back.

“They're back on me, they're back on me!” she says, before apologising to the crowd (who are too busy p*ssing themselves laughing) , 'Sorry I'm not Australian, I don't like bugs!'

To make things worse, Adele then worries she’s hurt one of the mozzies and asks the crowd what to do.

Scroll down to see the glorious video.

For anyone who’s experienced an Aussie summer by the barbie, her struggle is all too real.

In short, Adele is our spirit animal and we cannot wait to see more of her hilar down under stage antics.

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