Adele Stops Melbourne Concert To Help Gay Couple Get Engaged

Where better to propose than an Adele concert?

Adele in concert

She be known for her songs about broken relationships, but an Adele concert is nothing if not a hotbed for proposals.

Last night, the singer stopped her Melbourne show to help a gay couple get engaged (aww).

According to reports, Adele brought 37-year-old Chris and his partner Wade onstage after Chris burst into tears upon hearing the first few chords of ‘Hello’ (hey, we totally get it).

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Naturally, Wade thought it was the opportune time to propose, and Chris, undoubtedly in an emotionally fuelled state already, happily accepted.

“I had no idea that was going to happen," Adele told the crowd afterwards. "So that was unplanned, I had no idea there, Chris. I'm sorry."

After proclaiming the ring choice to be "sharp”, Adele offered her congratulations to the pair.

"Thank you for coming to the show, I hope you enjoy it," she said. "Thank you for doing that, that was emotional.”

The proposal wasn’t the only time Adele stopped her concert last night though – she rightly got sassy with a security guard who was telling people to sit down.

“Just before we got to the next song…excuse me sir? Could you stop telling people to sit down?” Adele said.

“If you don’t like dancing, don’t come to a f---ing music show.

“If I see one more person get told to sit down, I swear to God.”

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