PSA: Adele confirms her first ever Australian tour and ERMAHGERD

“G’day, it’s me.”

By Natasha Harding

It’s been five looonnng years since ‘Rolling in the Deep’ came into our lives Adele has finally confirmed our wildest dreams are becoming a reality: she’s doing a tour down under!

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Rumour had it Adele was considering an Aussie adventure when she dropped this ~mysterious~ ad on TV a few days ago, prompting a nationwide FREAK OUT.

Not surprisingly, fans had ZERO chill about the whole thing.

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate this top-notch American bloke who was just so happy for us to have the Del?

Cute <33.

Then the confirmation we were all waiting for came early this morning with Adele sharing a hand written note to her fans, and it’s one of the greatest tour announcements we’ve ever seen.

“G’day, it’s me,” she wrote. “I was wondering if after 10 years in the game you’d finally like to meet me in: Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide?”

Ah, Adele.

“Yep! I am coming down under. In the round, outdoors and I'll be upgrading myself to stadiums to make sure I get to see as many of you as possible.”

According to Adele’s website her tour will start next year in Perth on February 28 (Domain Stadium), before hitting up Brisbane on March 4 (The Gabba), Sydney on March 10 (ANZ Stadium) and Adelaide from March 13 (Adelaide Oval) before finishing up her trip in Melbourne from March 18 (Etihad Stadium).

If, like us, you’re now gagging for a ticket, set a reminder in your diary for Monday November 21 when tickets go on sale(10am Brisbane, Melbourne and Peth time, midday in Sydney and from 2pm in Adelaide), costing between $100-$300.

In the meantime we're gonna play Adele ON REPEAT to celebrate.