Adriana Lima and Ryan Seacrest are dating and WHAT??

Wins the award for most unlikely couple ever.

By Natasha Harding
ryan seacrest adriana lima

When it comes to surprising celebrity couples we feel like we’ve seen it all. Remember how Justin Timberlake and Fergie hooked up way back? Or how Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr were once a thing? Yep, they were pretty frekkin' surprising but TBF, we probs should have expected these guys might have had something in common (what with them being actors and musicians together).

Now the world has gone and done it again with the unlikely couple thing and WOW did we not see this one coming. According to E! News, supermodel Adriana Lima and TV host, Ryan Seacrest are officially dating and wait, WHAAA?!

The two apparently hit it off after spending time together at the Rio Olympics and have since been spotted on a few romantic dinner dates in NYC.

Granted, Alessandra Ambrosio has also been present for said dates but, given how close Adriana and Ryan are getting (and how close Alessandra comes to being cropped out of the pics), looks like she may be third wheelin'. That or she’s just being a top-notch BFF and keeping her gal pal company.

Either way, we’re pretty damn sure Ryan is totally cool with hanging out with both Brazilian baes.

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If you needed even more proof, Adriana’s even gone as far as describing Ryan as ‘charismatic’ and ‘handsome’ in one of her Insta captions. While neither of them have actually made any public comments about their relationship we really don’t think they need to bother. We see what’s going on here…

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