Amy Schumer will not stand for your stupid interview questions

These Aussie interviews were total Trainwrecks.

By Emily Kerr
Amy Schumer awkward interview

Amy Schumer visited Australia this week to promote her new movie Trainwreck, do some comedy in Melbourne and do as all international celebrities do when they visit Australia – take selfies with koalas.

Told ya.

While she was here she spoke to journalists and some interviews, like this one with Leigh Sales where she discusses feminism and comedy, or this one on The Project where she talks about sex with LeBron James, were freaking awesome.

But others weren’t such a lol-packed joy to watch. In fact they were downright painful.

Understandably after hours and hours of being asked the same questions (“Are you a feminist?” “How does it feel to be leading this new wave of female comedians?” “Have you heard of Tim Tams?”) Amy seemed to be growing a bit tired of the whole thing, so had zero patience for questions she didn’t like.

Take Mamamia journalist Monique Bowley, who graciously admitted that her interview was a complete flop before sharing the unedited footage (props for that, Monique). We’re guessing the whole thing started to go wrong at the very beginning, when she for some reason thought it would be a good idea to open with “congratulations on being funny and having a vagina”.


If she was being sarcastic it either went straight over Amy’s head or she just didn’t find it funny, because the rest of the interview hastily cascaded into a steaming pile of awkward shit from then on. To the point where we’re left asking, “Surely that was a set-up? A clever play on the title of the movie to orchestrate a total Trainwreck and make headlines with ‘the most awkward interview of all time?’ SURELY?!”

Either way, it’s so awkward it’ll make you squirm, and our hearts go out to her and her attempts to hold it together.

But if you thought that was bad, KIIS 101.1’s effort will make you cringe into oblivion, after breakfast announcer Matt Tilley decided to brand Amy’s autobiographical Trainwreck character “skanky”.

(KIIS FM, keeping things classy since never.)

“I might just come by myself next time,” co-host Jane Hall says at the end of the shit fight of an interview.

“I love that idea,” Amy bluntly wraps up.

Whether Amy’s being sassy and blunt or has you worrying for your bladder laughing, you can’t deny her interviews are a damn good watch. And a far sight more interesting than some of the A-List efforts she’s so accurately made fun of. (Watch 'Amy Lake Blively' in action below.)