Amy Schumer talks to Oprah: "I lost my virginity through rape"

The comedian and actress shared her very own #MeToo experience in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

By Jonah Waterhouse
Amy Schumer 2018

Amy Schumer isn't one to shy away from refreshing openness — something decidedly lacking in the entertainment industry. And, in her most recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, the I Feel Pretty star got more candid than ever about how her first-ever sexual experience was stolen from her.

In a wide-ranging interview with Oprah for the Oprah Winfrey Network's 'Super Soul Conversations' podcast, Amy said her boyfriend unexpectedly took her virginity while she was asleep; and referred to the experience as "grape" (a term she's coined meaning grey-area rape).


"I personally feel I lost my virginity through rape", Amy told Oprah. "I didn't consent. We hadn't discussed it. We weren't there in our relationship. We weren't at that moment. And we talked about things, you know? We were open with each other."

"In my stand-up [comedy act], I used to talk about it. I called it 'grape' — grey-area rape." Though Schumer described her assault experiences as being "grey-area", it's still legally considered rape if someone is asleep and therefore not consenting.

Trying to reason with herself and her then-partner, Amy said "You think when [assault from a loved one] happens you say, 'OK, well, this isn't someone I want to see rotting in a jail cell, but what he did to me was wrong.'"

Amy also emphasised how it was difficult to realise she'd been mistreated by someone who she deeply cared for — and that she found herself subconsciously making justifications for his behaviour.

"I felt really angry at him, and it's a rage that has stayed with me... I don't think you lose that", she said. "As women, we're really trained not to get angry because that makes people dismiss you right away... but I felt I wanted to comfort him because he felt so bad and he was so worried, [I] just tried to push my anger down."

"[When young people are taught about rape] It's about a guy popping out of a bush... They don't say it's probably gonna be a guy you know really well. It could be your husband. It could be your friend."

Schumer used her own story to educate women who've been made to feel doubtful of their own sexual assault experiences, either by victim-blaming or otherwise.

"With the statistics — I think it's one in six women are sexually assaulted — well, those statistics don't match up! If one in six of us is raped, and [people are] doubting all of us... where are the numbers matching up here, you know?"

While opting to keep her ex-boyfriend's identity private, Amy is now happily married — to 38-year-old celebrity chef Chris Fischer, whom she wed in a sunset ceremony in Malibu in February (all documented on her Instagram).

If you feel you are being/may have been sexually mistreated or assaulted, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit their website here.