Amy Schumer ate clams and tipped her waiter $500

‘Coz that’s just how she rolls.

As if we needed another reason to love Amy Schumer; the woman’s a legend.

Unlike most celebs who just want to dine at restaurants and keep to themselves, Amy Schumer prefers to strike up a conversation with her host for the evening.

Because, Amy Schumer.

Over the weekend Amy was dining at Peter’s Clam Bar in Long Island. She got talking to her young waiter, Ryan who she learnt works two jobs to fund his education.

Working that ~Amy charm~ we all know and love, she hit it off with her waiter and had according to reports had an “engaging, animated conversation with her server, Ryan.”

Just as Amy was heading off, she decided to leave Ryan a $500 tip despite having just a $49 tab.

Onya, Amy.