Amy Schumer is in talks to play Barbie

Holy sh*t, this is going to be good.

By Erin Van Der Meer
Amy Schumer is in talks to play Barbie

Amy Schumer is in negotiations to play Barbie in an upcoming comedy film about everyone’s favourite childhood doll (sorry, Bratz Dolls).

According to Deadline Amy is currently in talks and expected to officially sign on to the live action movie project soon, which will tell the story of Barbie getting kicked out of Barbieland and going on an adventure in the real world.

Given Amy’s edgy brand of humour, the Barbie movie is not going to be some vanilla, happily ever after BS. In fact, according to Deadline, the creators want to move away from the illusion of perfection that’s often associated with Barbie.

A funny, sassy, curvy, feminist Barbie? Oh hells yeah. Sign on that dotted line, Amy! Do it!

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