Anna Kendrick hilariously defends Gigi Hadid on Twitter

After Gigi fought off a total stranger who assaulted her in street.

By Erin Cook

It’s been a rough week for poor ol’ Gigi Hadid.

It started on Friday when the supermodel was casually walking to her car, minding her own business. Out of nowhere, an onlooker came up behind Gigi and PICKED HER UP OFF THE GROUND. Gigi – who was visibly surprised and shaken by the incident – fought the man off until she had both feet firmly back on the ground.

Seems like a pretty fair reaction to us! Apparently, Gigi doesn’t like strange men grabbing her body. (DUH!)

However, some tabloids and Internet trolls were not impressed by Gigi’s behaviour, labelling her as ‘aggressive’ and accusing her of ‘lashing out’.

And now, Twitter funny-woman and all-round top chick Anna Kendrick has come to the 21-year-old’s defence. “I tend to dislike naturally beautiful people (because I'm petty) but @GiGiHadid with the elbow? Come through!!” she posted, along with this ~hilarious~ meme. Hear, hear!

Apparently, the guy that picked Gigi up did it as a protest against the use of celebrity models. (Yeah, we’re not buying it either.)

Anti-celebrity protesters: 0. Girl power: 1.