Anne Hathaway is going to play BARBIE in a new movie?! WHUUT?!

Oscar winner-turned-Malibu Barbie babe.

barbie movie anne hathaway

Firstly, let’s get the big news out of the way — there is going to be a live-action Barbie movie!

This is something our little-girl selves would have absolutely died-and-gone-to-heaven over as, let’s be honest: Barbie was lyf and a large chunk of our childhoods revolved around dressing up our dolls and making them go on dates with penis-less Ken dolls.

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The premise of the new movie (made by Mattel and Sony) is that a ‘normal woman’ is living in a land of perfect Barbie people, until the penny drops and she realises that she doesn’t fit in. She is then booted out of Barbie land and retreats to the real world where she has to adapt, until she finally realises that being unique is a blessing, not a curse.

Sound familiar? 'Cos we are getting major flashbacks to a very similar film…

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And it seems that we may be right on the money! The movie makers behind the Barbie movie have said to be channelling Splash, Enchanted and Big for this production.

There has been a fair amount of kerfuffle over who is going to play the oh-so important lead role, with the first confirmed pick being Amy Schumer. However, the comic had to drop out of the movie due to a scheduling conflict.

So who will take her place? Well, the rumoured back-up is Anne Hathaway.

Give it a minute, let it sink in.

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Still weird? Yep, we agree.

Anne Hathaway is a literal Oscar winner — which is great for her, but honestly we are craving some supreme trashiness from this movie and we think Anne is probably above that.

Also, we were kinda fan-girling over the fact that the ‘normal’ girl in the Barbie world, was actually going to be ‘normal’ looking — rather than ‘Hollywood normal’, which is fucking perfection, perhaps with a token bad haircut.

We will try to reserve serious judgement till we at least see the first trailer, because despite the slightly strange casting, we are still ridiculously excited for this movie!

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