Ariana Grande’s stunning style evolution

From a curly-headed cutie to a savage feminist queen, see just how dramatically the singer has changed.

By Kate Wagner

With a name like Ariana Grande, she was always destined for big things—get it, grande?!

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Her killer vocals helped her survive the curse of child stars and break from the confines of Nickelodeon, something plenty of actors struggle to achieve.

Her public image took a slight dive after that disastrous donut incident but her savage comebacks when confronted with sexism and heart-warming actions in the wake of the tragic Manchester bombings at her concert have cemented her as a certified boss bitch.

Not only has her persona evolved over the years, her look has also changed dramatically. From a curly-headed kid on Broadway, to her once-signature fluorescent red locks, all the way to her iconic winged eyeliner so sharp it could cut you to pieces, Ariana has truly transformed.