Total dickwad uses Ariana Grande tragedy to crack the world’s most inappropriate joke

19 people have been confirmed dead.

By Emily Kerr

This morning the gut-wrenching news was confirmed that 19 people have been killed following multiple explosions at an Ariana Grande gig in Manchester, UK.

Children attending the concert were, and still are, separated from their parents following the blasts, which according to eye witnesses and videos posted on social media included horrific nail bombs.

Other reports claim that a balcony inside the Manchester MEN arena collapsed. It seems the bombs were timed to coincide with fans leaving the concert at 10.30pm.

Awful details are still emerging from the tragic events as police and ambulance staff continue to deal with the dead, wounded and worried families.

Police have confirmed they are treating it as a “terrorist incident”.

While the world reels in horror at the scenes of devastation, and the heartbreaking fact that young children were so obviously targeted by this heinous attack, this prick sat behind his keyboard thinking this was the perfect opportunity to crack a joke at the expense of the victims.

“MULTIPLE CONFIRMED FATALITIES at Manchester Arena. The Last time I listened to Ariana Grande I almost died too,” posted David Leavitt, a verified freelance writer.

And as if that isn't the worst fucking move you could imagine, his follow-up tweets solidified his dickwad status:

Screw you, David Leavitt. Seriously.

UPDATE: David has since offered up an apology.