Ariana Grande's mum rapped Mac Miller's track and she's actually our new hero

Watch out Nicki Minaj 'cos the queen is coming for your crown.

Every rapper in the game can sit down ‘cos Joan Grande just served the lot of you.

In an amazing video that has surfaced from the Twitterverse, the mum of Ariana Grande, who is a notorious fan of her daughter's music, can be seen jamming out to a 2013 performance of Ari’s The Way - which includes her current boyf Mac Miller rapping a verse on the track.

After Ariana belts out the chorus, she convinces Mama Grande on to join in on the performance, which prompts Joan to suddenly morph into Notorious G-R-A-N-D-E and drop some major rap skills – finger points and all – to the excited crowd.

It’s not the first time Joan’s been caught on cam getting excited AF over Ariana’s music. Last year, the 23-year-old put up a clip on her ‘gram of mama listening to Dangerous Woman for the first time ever - and her reaction was to die for.