Turns out we've been saying Ariana Grande's name wrong this whole time

Face palm.

By Katie Stow

Ariana Grande is way more than a household name. She's an ex-Nickelodeon child star, glorified pop singer, shock fiancée and owner of more thigh-high boots than we ever thought possible.

We know all of her song lyrics, ex-boyfriends and even the name of her pet pig, so when we discovered that we've actually been saying her name wrong this whole time, we were seriously disappointed in ourselves.

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In a recent radio interview, the presenter was asking Ariana if she's planning on changing her name to 'Davidson' once she's married to her fiancé Pete.

While she did say that she will probably hyphenate her name, Ariana responded with, "I feel like eventually I'd just like to be Ariana, but I have to keep Grande because of my Grandpa. He was so proud of my name, so I should keep it".

But when she was saying 'Grande' it sounded HEAPS different to how we've been saying it. Listen out for it in this video below:

We are honestly shook by this news. Seriously, just when you think you know someone…