Ariana Grande's makeup artist spills on how to overline your lips properly

Your go-to guide for fuller looking lips.

By Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas
ariana grande lip liner

Prior to Kylie Jenner's 2014 admission that she'd been using lip liner to make her lips look fuller (pre-fillers of course), we'd never even heard of the term 'overlining'. But in the years following Kylie's revelation, this lip lining trick mainstream.

However, it's not as easy as it looks — we've seen a ton of overlining mishaps in our time.

To school us all on the correct way to overline our lips, Cosmopolitan US hit up Ariana's go-to makeup artist, Ashley Holm, as well as Kendall Jenner's face-painter of choice, Mary Phillips.

Both Ashley and Mary agree that choosing a matte neutral shade for your lip liner is key to keeping your overlining looking subtle. They also suggest selecting a nude shade that matches the undertone of your skin to ensure minimal contrast between your lips and the rest of your face.

While so many of us rush to our cupid's bow to begin the lip lining process, Ashley — who has also worked with Kim Kardashian — suggests starting at the corners of your lips instead. Focusing on that area will not only contour the lips, but it will also will soften the look and make your lines a lot less visible. A super-sharp pencil is key to nailing this process, according to Mary.

Before you get too carried away with your pencil, make sure you're following the natural lines of your lips. While some take their line over the cupid's bow, this technique is a little tricky to master.

Next, blur the edge of your liner into the lips and blend it slightly into your skin. You can use a brush, or ever just your finger, but the results are the same.

To top it all off, apply a lipstick to your lips which closely matches the shade of the liner you've used for a subtle finish. Or, if you want to take your pout up a notch, go for a slightly lighter shade to emphasise the lines. Both Mary and Ashley advise to apply your lipstick to the centre of your top and bottom lip, and softly blending it out to the edges of your mouth.