BREAKING NEWS: Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have broken off their engagement

Welcome to Splitsville.

By Katie Stow

Reports have surfaced that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have broken off their engagement and are no longer romantically involved with each other.

Sources close to the former couple have told TMZ that the singer and SNL star split up this weekend, with both parties acknowledging that it simply was not the right time for their relationship to take off.

The couple did have many critics whole claimed that they rushed into an engagement rather quickly, with Pete popping the question just a few weeks after 'casually dating' Ariana. He sealed the deal with a diamond ring rumoured to cost over $100,000.

While no official statement regarding the break-up has been shared by either Ariana or Pete, Ariana has been posting some seriously emotional statuses on social media, saying things like, "Can I pls just have one okay day. Just one. Pls".

The couple were last seen out in public last week, and sources are saying to TMZ that despite their romantic relationship ending, "The two still have love for each other".

Plus, they are parents to a pig, so they're probably going to be somewhat in each other's lives for the sake of Piggy Smalls.

We'll keep you posted if either parties come forward to speak out about the break-up news.