We played a round of Carpet Karaoke at the 2016 ARIAs and here's how it went down…

Not sure if The Wiggles or Justin Timberlake.

By Sammy Stewart

Australia’s biggest Music stars hit the (very wet) red carpet at the ARIA Awards on Wednesday in Sydney looking all kinds of ~fab~.

But rather than asking them what they’re wearing and since it was celebrating it’s 30th anniversary we decided to ask the most important question of all; what’s your go-to Karaoke song.

Of course, we then proceeded to make them sing us a few lines and ngl, we were lowkey blown away by the talent this country produces.

So please enjoy Shannon Noll, DJ Tigerlily, The Wiggles and a whole lot more Aussie legends belt out their karaoke anthems on the ARIAs red carpet!