How 10 Australian brands are showing their support for same-sex marriage

Vote YES, people!

By Mahalia Chang
Gorman tee.

As of September 12, Australia is officially in the full swing of the same-sex marriage postal vote. From then until November 7th, Australia will be given the chance to vote whether or not same-sex marriage will be given the chance to be legalised (reminder: a 'yes' result won't automatically legalise anything, but will push a private member's bill through — more about that here).

But with 'Vote No' campaigns swirling, and skywriters trying our patience with their discriminatory cloudy scribbles, it's nice to see Australia throwing its support behind the campaign.

Sydney's Martin Place has decked itself out with rainbow 'Vote Yes!' banners, and a wander down any busy Aussie street will present you with a mirage of stickers, leaflets, street art and more. But it's also been heartening to see that some of Australia's biggest brands have been declaring their support, too.

From our favourite ice-creamers, to jewellers, and clothing stores, companies and brands from around the country have been sharing some amazing Marriage Equality campaigns.

Remember: This vote will be flippin' easy, so go and read up on everything you have to do and let's get this postal vote done!

Gelato Messina

Makers of delicious ice-cream and apparently all-round good guys, Gelato Messina, showed some cute support for the campaign by lighting up their Roseberry store's sign in rainbow colours!


In support of the Marriage Equality campaign, Gorman released a limited edition, 5,000-shirt drop of their 'Love is Love' design, if you showed them proof you had enrolled to vote.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola's iconic Kings Cross sign got a rainbow-tinted taste, too! They added a sweet 'We say YES to love!' sign next to the original, and have released some limited edition cans of Coke with their logo rewritten to say 'LOVE'.

Ben & Jerry’s

Another ice-cream champion, Ben & Jerry's, joined the cause, too. The ice-cream brand made a cheeky stand by banning two flavours in the same cone until marriage equality is legalised.


In a show of support, Airbnb released 'The Acceptance Ring' — and encouraged Australians to wear the ring to show their support for same-sex marriage.


As a partner of the Sydney Mardi Gras Festival, it was no surprise that ANZ showed some major support, too! They have done several social media posts about the topic since.


Qantas' CEO Alan Joyce has been a staunch supporter of same-sex marriage, and revealed the 'Rainbow Roo' plane skin in support of it.


Holden was one of the 30 Aussie companies to join the corporate campaign, alongside Alan Joyce, to support same-sex marriage.


Jewellery designer Nadia Neuman designed these sweet 'Equality Rings' as a fashionable protest.

Honey Birdette

Although not everyone agreed with their methods, lingerie company Honey Birdette certainly made quite the impression with their support campaign.