American Jared finally landed a ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ babe

Took his sweet time.

By Katie Stow
Bachelor in Paradise Jared Girlfriend

Old mate American Jared has finally landed a bird! After royally flopping with Leah, Ali, Megan and Rachael, Jared left Paradise a single pringle who was definitely still looking for love. He returned to the states and has been a little off our radar for a while, but he announced this week that he's found 'The One' — and it's a Bachelor in Paradise babe!

Jared Haibon is now dating Ashley Iaconetti, who he met on the set of the US Bachelor in Paradise back in 2015.

Though the two never hooked up on the show and then they both came back for a second round on Bachelor in Paradise the following year, where they fought a lot but eventually settled into the friendzone.

However, Jared now admits that there was always unfinished business with Ashley…

"I never felt like it was over between us after Paradise," Jared, 29, explained in the latest episode of The Story of Us, sitting next to Ashley, 30. "I'm not gonna lie and say that I was in love with Ashley during BIP. It was a slow build for me."

For her, it was love at first sight. They remained close friends after the season, but it was complicated, as she wanted more. They got closer during an event in Virginia and he felt "in love" seeing how real she was. "That was such a different experience being with someone in the show and in real life. You were just so down to earth and easy-going, ambitious … sexy. I wanted you that night," he admitted.

When asked about his time on Bachelor in Paradise Australia, Jared said, "I was just sitting there and thinking, 'God, I wish Ashley were here. I just wanna hang out with Ashley."

Once Jared left his new-found Australian chums in Paradise, he regained contact with Ashley. However, their communication was short-lived as she then headed off to star on Bachelor Winter Games, which is a weird winter Olympic-esque spin off of the Bachelor franchise.

On Bachelor Winter Games, Ashley hooked up with Kevin Wendt and kicked off a relationship with him. It was at this point that Jared put his arse in gear and decided to get his girl.

"I was sad," he said. "Sometimes I need a kick in the ass. That was a big kick in the ass."

Luckily for American Jared, when Ashley watched the footage back of Bachelor Winter Games, she realised that she actually had feelings for Jared after all. She dumped Kevin and started dating Jared ASAP.

In a weird twist of Bachelor-fate, Jared happens to be living with ex-Bachelor Nick Viall, so he got to see the whole relationship evolve in front of his very living room. Nick took to Instagram after the couple announced the news to give his best wishes to Jared and Ashley:

So reality TV love is real?