Bachelor in Paradise: Leah Costa is having a complete and utter breakdown over her breakup

She filmed herself crying in a car.

By Katie Stow

Bachelor in Paradise wrapped a little while back now, but one ex-contestant seems to be experiencing more heartbreak off the island than on it. Leah Costa (originally from Matty J's season of The Bachelor) left Paradise single and proud, but quickly got into a relationship on the outside.

Though we didn't know who it was with, she hinted that things were pretty serious when she flashed an engagement ring on Instagram and spoke to journalists about how she was falling in love. We now know that her mystery dude was Drew Anthony — AKA ex-Big Brother contestant-turned model.

But it seems the whole thing is over before we ever really knew it had started, with Leah taking to Instagram to post perhaps the strangest picture for a breakup post: One of the two of them snogging each other's faces off.

Leah tagged Drew in the picture and bluntly said, "You made me happier than I knew I could feel but have broken my heart in a way I didn't know it was possible."

Just in case this wasn't enough information for the public, Leah hit up her own Instagram stories, filming herself in the car and trying to explain what exactly happened whilst sobbing profusely.

She said, "For anyone wondering why I put that photo up of Drew and I, just to tell you that we've broken up: Basically we were super happy until I got that media backlash, but ever wondered who took the photo of me in the back seat?!"

"So here's a shout out to anybody that's ever had their heart broken. Anybody that ever questions why I go on these shows trying to find love — it's because I'm hoping to eventually find someone that's honest and genuine."

You can see her whole emotional rant in this video:

In between the video messages she also shared screenshots of her texts back and forth with Drew — revealing how open and loving he was with her. Here's what they said:

The following day she took to Instagram stories once again to say, "Morning guys! Today I'm going to try and be a little bit more positive!" Before thanking her fans and friends for the messages and calls, and giving us a sneak peak of her professional life as an architect.

So far, Drew hasn't posted anything about Leah. Not about their relationship or their breakup. Awkward!