Bar Rafaeli has been arrested by Israeli Authorities for tax evasion

The supermodel has been accused of avoiding paying millions of dollars.

By Nikki Kinstlinger
Bar Rafaeli arrested for tax evasion

One of the world’s biggest supermodels, Bar Rafaeli, has been arrested by Israeli Police, who are accusing her of owing tens of millions of shekels in taxes. She was detained for several hours for questioning and eventually released on bail, the Jereusalem Post reports. Her mother, Zipora, is also being investigated.

It is reported that Rafaeli has been lying about her Israeli residency in order to avoid reporting money which she has earned abroad. Israeli law states that if you are an Israeli citizen but don’t live there, you don’t have to report any income made outside of the country. Authorities say that she has, in fact, been living in Israel, but has fudged documents to make it seem like she hasn’t, registering luxury residences under her mother and brother’s names.

She has also been accused of entering into contracts supplying her with a free Range Rover and Lexus in exchange for being photographed in the vehicles, without the cars being registered in her name.

Additionally, a contract between Rafaeli and the management of a luxury complex in Tel Aviv has been revealed, according to which gossip magazines would receive “leaks” about her living there as a way to promote it, the AFP reports.

It is also suspected that both Rafaeli and her mother have received “celebrity discounts” on things like interior design, which should have been reported as income. All of these combined perks add up to over a million Israeli shekels (over AUD$360 000).

This isn’t the first time the supermodel, who is has an estimated net worth of US$20 million, has been questioned by Israeli authorities about her residency. She has also caused controversy in the past after she evaded her two years mandatory military service by marrying a friend of her father’s and divorcing him shortly after.

The 30-year-old bombshell used to date Leonardo DiCaprio, but recently married Israeli billionaire, Adi Ezra, in September.