Tyga and Bella Hadid are 100% flirting on Instagram right now

Homeboy is gonna, like, get it.

By Natasha Harding
Bella Hadid Tyga flirting

Just one day after Tyga's ex, Kylie Jenner, announced the birth of her baby girl, the rapper's rumoured to be flirting on Instagram with Ky's good mate Bella Hadid.

Never let it be said there's a dull day in Hollywood.

The whole thing started when Bella shared a video of herself listening to Tyga's song 'Temperature' on Instagram, with pink hearts floating all around her head. As expected, she looks like absolute fire and spends most of the time smizing to the camera.


Then Tyga then REPOSTED said video on his own Instagram with the caption "#Temperature @bellahadid" along with the rising thermometer emoji.

Like, dunno about you but if a boy did this with one of my vids, I'd definitely be reading into it.

Here's the vid in question:

Both posts have since been deleted, which also comes across as kind suss (just sayin'), but fans reportedly had chance to come up with a new couple name before the clip was removed.

Their couple name? Byga.

We have to admit, we're not totally convinced by this is gonna go any further, but we're gonna watch this space juuuuuust in case.