Bella Thorne gets armpit hair shamed, hits back in the most Bella Thorne way ever

Excuse us while we roll our eyes into the back of our heads.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Bella Thorne shamed for having underarm hair

Everyday there seems to be someone new shaming Bella Thorne for her romantic life, appearance and lifestyle choices.

This time, however, the shaming has come from some sort of media outlet, as they posted a video on what looks like their Snapchat story shaming Bella for having underarm hair.

A fan retweeted the video, titled "Bushy Bella - Actress gives her razor a vacation on Cancun bikini break - and she couldn't look happier".

"@bellathorne smh you're too cool for this shit" the fan wrote.

Of course, instead of taking offence Bella responded in the most Bella way possible.

"Hahaha don't they know I never shave?" she tweeted.

Queen. Besides, she did recently mention she was ALL about the underarm hair trend.

No skin off her nose, clearly.

But can she plz not get shamed for something so ridiculous?! It reminds us of the time she was called out for having STUBBLE on her ankles at last years American Music Awards.

@bellathorne is hot beautiful sexy perf but wtf SHAVE UR LEGS!!" a dude wrote on Twitter.

Ugh, vomit at that 'hot beautiful sexy perf' part. Can you please just not?

Anyway, she responded perfectly to that situation too.

Another attempt to bring her down has clearly not worked. Give up fam. Let a girl live.