Bella Thorne defended Selena Gomez’s nip slip and we're loving the #GirlPowahh

Sisters are doin' it for themselves.

Heading out for date night with boyf The Weekend in NYC, Selena Gomez looked glam AF in a super sexy LBD and an impeccable smokey eye.

But once the paps arrived, her fire outfit turned heads for a different reason. Once the camera flashes started popping off, Sel had a bit of a flash of her own when her G-string undies and nipples became exposed.

We know, NBD right?

What WAS a big deal was a bunch of peeps taking to Twitter to shame the singer for being ‘unclassy’, ‘cos how dare she be photographed without her permission on her way to dinner with her bae…

“I can literally see her nipple... And I don't like it but that's just my opinion,” on user wrote, while another posted, “She's such a good girl... I've never seen her dress like this before... I hope this is not the new Selena Gomez..”

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Luckily, fellow Disney alum Bella Thorne came to sweet Selena’s defense to drag those who were getting all ~Judge Judy~ over her wardrobe malfunction, commenting on a nasty Instagram post about the starlet on an account that’s aptly named 'anti Selena Gomez.'

"That's not her fault that paps are shooting her on a date. It's also not her fault that there's a flash. It's really not fair to say that," Bella clapped back.

Yasssss girl.

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Tbh, we reckon Selena should be able to wear whatever the eff she wants and carried herself with total class – and lezbihonest, she totally rocks this get up.

You do you, Sel.

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