Bella Thorne has been *spotted* hanging out with a new guy

Yes, we're doing this again.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Bella Thorne spotted with a new man

Bella Thorne is a lover, and proud of it.

Since breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, Gregg Sulkin (whom she dated for over a year), she hasn't tied herself down to anybody for a serious amount of time.

Of course, there was her thing with Tyler Posey, but other than that it's been a flirt-fest with the likes of Zedd and Dove Cameron.

Although she hasn't confirmed actually dating any of them, fans seem to believe whoever she is spotted ~hanging~ with is a new, potential love interest.

So, enter the new flame: mystery man with the same shade aqua hair. Bella was spotted with him on Monday while hanging out with her sister Dani, and her boyfriend Dylan Jetson.

Bella spent most of her time with the ~mystery man~ and look, we're vibing off their matching hair okay?

We're not sure if Bella is at all ready to settle down with anyone, but damn if there has ever been a guy that has totally matched her, it's this blue-beauty.

Internet homework: find out who he is!