How much Bella Thorne gets paid to post an Instagram Story will make your povo ass cry

We want to be professional 'grammers.

We ~know~ that celebs, ranging from D-lister reality TV stars all the way up to the Kardashians, use Instagram to make money. Whether it's spruiking the latest charcoal toothpaste, waist trainer or those suss hair vitamins, we've all seen the #spon #ad posts in our feed.

However, it's pretty rare for a celeb to be super candid about how much they actually make off the platform, so when Bella Thorne dropped some truth bombs about her 'gram earning, we were all ears!

You may remember Bella Thorne from her Disney days, when she was on an all-singing, all-dancing TV show with Zendaya called Shake It Up. Since then she's been in a string of movies, such as The DUFF and Midnight Sun, but Bella is now known more through her social following than anything else — which may or may not have been boosted by her rumoured affair with Scott Disick

Racking up 17.3 million Instagram followers, 7 million Twitter followers and nearly 10 million Facebook fans puts Bella in an extremely powerful position as she's able to broadcast whatever she fancies to millions with one simple click. This has obviously translated well to brands who are now looking to her to sell their products.

In a recent video interview with Vogue and Broadly, Bella revealed straight-up how much she earns per post, and before you scroll down and see, we recommend you swallow your pride and avoid looking in your bleak bank account for the rest of the day.

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Sat on her bed, she casually drops these figures:


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Bella goes on to explain that Instagram is definitely a career for her, rather than just a little side hustle to bring in some extra $$$ when she's not shooting a film — and she hints that she makes most of her money from social media, rather than on movie shoots.

So, perhaps we need to keep working on our grids and pray that 17 million followers isn't too out of reach for us mere, povvo mortals.

Now watch Bella's full chat about her Instagram earnings in this video: