Bella Thorne went totally nude on Instagram live

Full-frontal tittays.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Bella Thorne went naked on Instagram Live

It's not like Bella Thorne is in any way super conservative, but we're struggling to figure out whether her going totally nude on an Instagram live session was a mistake or not...

On March 3rd Bella held a live video for her fans. If she didn't hold the camera up to her bangin' bod and answer fans questions as calmy as she did, we'd assume the whole titty thing was an accident... but it really doesn't seem like it as she's 3,000% aware she's talking to fans.

Bella was caught changing into a leotard, and, well... see it for yourself:

Bella usually has a IDGAF attitude, so we're totally applauding her for not caring if her boobs were out on Instagram live, ESPECIALLY on that angle (filmed from below - we all know and loathe it).

Girl has serious confidence. We love it.

Bella has yet to make any comment about it, and tbh, she doesn't really need to.