The internet is beyond shook over the "Moonlight" Oscars win

It's Miss Universe 2015 all over again.

In case you missed the MOST DAMN CONTROVERSIAL MOMENT OF THE ENTIRE OSCARS, you're in for a whole lot of drama.

Former Bonnie and Clyde stars Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty presented the award for Best Picture. They read out the nominees, Warren gave Faye a funny look, then proceeded to announce that La La Land was the winner.

Only problem? It wasn't. Moonlight actually won Best Picture.

The internet reacted, and here's the best of what they said:

Steve Harvey (the poor bloke who announced the wrong Miss Universe winner) must feel like a weight's been taken off his shoulders.


The hilar comments about Bonnie and Clyde kept coming in strong:

Somewhere, Derek Zoolander was having a LOL.

This was what the ~slow~ night needed.

Even some Harry Potter-inspired memes came out of the woodworks:

No. One. Has. Any. Chill.

Even Hollywood couldn't deal.

Happy Oscars, everyone!