Beyoncé and Jay Z just shared some tasteful nude photographs from their marriage

Including a picture of Beyoncé casually lounging in a thong.

By Erin Cook

For most of Australia, today marks the Queen's birthday public holiday. However, we'd like to take this opportunity to worship our other Queen: Beyoncé.

While you were sleeping, Bey and husband Jay Z released a series of tasteful nude photographs, giving us a behind-the-scene look into their marriage. Notably, there are images of Bey lounging in a thong (while Jay Z casually smokes a doobie) and another of our Queen stark naked at the beach.

What's the occasion? The couple recently kicked off their On The Run II tour through Europe and the UK. These photographs are part of an On The Run Tour Book which can be bought at their shows.

Around about now, we'd usually close out the article with some kind of pun about Beyoncé being flawless (just like the song — geddit?!) but to be honest, we're lost for words.