Apparently those weren't Beyoncé and Jay-Z's twins, Rumi and Sir, at all

They're just as chubby and cute as you'd expect.

UPDATE: Despite sending the known world into a frenzy over those new photos, it seems the twins pictured in Beyoncé's The Run II tour promo shots aren't Sir and Rumi Carter after all.

A representative for the singer spoke to Buzzfeed, confirming that the children pictured aren't the Carters. When asked if the babies were in fact the babies, a rep replied: "It's not."

Still cute, though.

We originally reported: Beyoncé and Jay-Z are currently on their The Run II tour and lucky fans in Cardiff, Wales, have just been treated to a rare glimpse of the superstar couple's twins, Rumi and Sir Carter as part of the concert.

Referencing the way they were first introduced to the world—that image of Bey holding the bubs in July 2017 was the 4th most-liked Instagram pic of that year—fans in the UK saw two separate photos of each parent nursing the twins projected onto big screens, divided by the words, "love is universal".

Whilst the pair's eldest child, Blue Ivy, 6, has been spotted at award shows and sporting games with her parents, the two babies, born June 13, 2017, have largely been kept out of public view.

Beyonce, who announced she was pregnant with the most epic Instagram announcement of all time, has only shared one picture of them on her social media; that was to mark their one-month in the world.

This husband/wife tour is Bey's first lot of shows since she slayed her Beychella set and will hit cities all over the world but sadly, there are no Australian dates on the cards yet.

Guess we'll just hope they keep those cute baby pics coming...