Selena Gomez no longer holds the record for the most likes on Instagram

Tbh not surprised.

By Sammy Stewart

Selena Gomez's reign over Instagram has been overthrown by three people- two of which have yet to be born.

It was only a matter of hours for Beyoncé's photo announcement of her second pregnancy with twins to take out the title for the most likes on Instagram.

The majestically styled photo has already scored over 6.7 million likes. In the glorious photo, Bey is wearing nothing by lacy underwear, in a veil, amongst a wall of flowers. It's truly a gift for our eyes.


Previously, Selena Gomez held the record, scoring 6.3 million likes on her Coca-Cola glamour shot.

Previously, Justin Bieber held the crown with his TBT Selena Gomez photo. While Kendall Jenner and her divine, love-infused hair previously held the title.

Queen Bey and her babies are now sitting on the top, but the question is, will it remain on top for the rest of the year?!

Probs. Most defs. We're certain.