Beyoncé has finally released a photo of twins Sir and Rumi and they’re so damn grown

They look just like big sister Blue.

By Kate Wagner

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are famously reserved — what other celebrities could be filmed fighting in an elevator and emerge without ever revealing what actually went down? We learn about the Carters when they decide we're allowed to know about them, and that includes sharing photos of their babies.

When Beyoncé announced she was pregnant with twins, social media went into melt down. A year on, we've been given nothing but orchestrated glimpses of the back of their heads.

During Beyoncé and Jay-Z's OTRII tour, we thought they'd finally blessed us with cute pics of the twins as wee babies, but they were decoy twins.Now the queen has let us see photos of Sir and Rumi and they're so big.

See! She hasn't said which is which, but fans think Sir is on the left — serving some serious vibes — while the giggling bub is Rumi.

The most important thing about this photo is that Beyoncé looks so damn serene — every parent knows how impossible it is to coordinate more than one child to grab the money shot.

While that's the only proper "twin" photo, we also caught a glimpse of Rumi with a colour coordinated Jay-Z on a yacht. It's so cute we're not even jealous that a one-year-old has already been on a better holiday than us.

The photos are a product of the Carters living their best life touring Europe. And by the Carters, we mean Blue.

That kid is not fazed about the little brother and sister threatening her claim to the Carter throne.

We'll be here waiting for the Carters to deem us worthy of more twin content. Srs, we're not moving.