Blake Lively is related to this ‘High School Musical’ star and our minds are officially BLOWN

Wildcats everywhere, throw your hands up in the air 🙌

By Natasha Harding
Blake Lively

Just when you thought Blake Lively couldn’t get any cooler, we find out she’s actually related to one of the OG stars from our fave tween movie: High School Musical.

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Yup, you read that right.

According to Teen Vogue, Blake is related to Bart Johnson, who plays the Wildcat’s resident DILF, Coach Bolton (Troy’s dad).

Bart is married to Blake’s older sister Robyn, making the two brother and sister-in-law. The best part? They get along like a house on FI-YA, which gives us all the feelz we needed.

Just last year, Bart took to Insta to share just how proud he was of Blake and hubby Ryan at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where they showed the world their kiddos (Bart’s nieces) for the first time.

And, in case that wasn’t awesome enough, Blake’s also an auntie to his three kids Kate, Baylen and Wyatt.

So basically we’ve found the best possible family ever and all we is an invite to their Christmas lunch. Just sayin'.