Blake Lively threw a Gucci belt in the bin because of ‘Gossip Girl’, and what?

Sorry, ‘Gossip Girl’ but you’re in the bin.

By Katie Stow

Blake Lively is currently on her press tour for her upcoming (and rather hectic) movie A Simple Favour , and while we're chuffed that she's moving on to big blockbuster projects and dipping her toes into new intense roles, we can't help but crave a few comments here and there from Blake about her Gossip Girl days.

Obviously, unless you lived under a rock for six years, you'll know that Blake played the oh-so-iconic Serena Van Der Woodsen and had her fair share of tumultuous times on the Upper East Side.

While we may have LOVED the show, it seems that Blake may have joined the ranks of celebs who low-key shade the franchise that made their careers. How do we know this? Because Blake shaded Gossip Girl in a huge way in a recent interview with Buzzfeed.

While sitting with Anna Kendrick and asking fan questions, Anna brought up a tidbit about a certain Gucci belt. You can read the whole thing, here:

You can watch the whole shade train roll out in this video below:

Video courtesy of Buzzfeed.

So, does this confirm that Blake wants to get as far away from her Gossip Girl days as physically possible? It's honestly working TBH, because Blake's new role in A Simple Favour will have you leaving the cinema saying, 'Serena who?'.