Is your Harry Potter knowledge as good as Blake Lively’s?

Answer: Probs not.

By Natasha Harding

Apart from being an all-round beautifulhuman being, turns out Blake Lively is also a HUGE Harry Potter fan, and hella competitive (who knew?). On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Blake and Jimmy were battling it off in a game of ‘Know It All’ where they had a range of topics they could choose from. Instead of choosing Disney movies, or popular baby names (which btw, Blake would have been amazing at), Blake decided to challenge Jimmy to see who could name the most Harry Potter characters.

“I feel like Jimmy would probably know a lot about Harry Potter,” Blake said. And Jimmy agreed and looked pretty confident about it saying, “I surprisingly know a little bit, I mean, yeah”.

Blake went on to ask a couple of questions, which gave us the impression she’s a bit of a fan girl...

Blake: Have you read the books?

Jimmy: Yeah!

Blake: Have you watched all the movies?

Jimmy: Of course!

Blake: How recently?

Jimmy: Oh, uh, not recently. I have no idea.

Yup, she was doing a stand up job of spooking out her competition, while looking BEYOND excited about the match.

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As soon as the round begins, she hits Jimmy with Filch, to which he responds (unimaginatively) with Harry Potter. Blake then goes for a little Prof Umbridge… and Jimmy says Hermione. After Blake says Cornelius Fudge and Jimmy completes the trinity with Ron Weasley, Blake starts getting a little frustrated that he’s just going for the obvious ones, saying, “Come on, do better ones!”.

True fan, right?

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So Jimmy picks up his game a little with Hagrid (baby steps guys), and Blake says Hedwig – which Jimmy totally forgot was Harry’s owl… meaning Blake won.

TBF it sounded like Jimmy was going to be totally out of his depth anyway, I mean, she started with Filch. Moral of the story: never underestimate Blake Lively.

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