Blake Lively is now hiring

Fancy having Blake as your boss? Then get yourself on LinkedIn…

Blake Lively, queen of the beach wave and Gwyneth Paltrow wannabe, is hiring staff for her new business, Preserve.

The actress-come-lifestyle-guru is looking for an Editorial Director for her new website, and serious people need not apply:

“At Preserve, our stories are almost always tongue-in-cheek (though way too many reviewers take our slight parodies very seriously,) and we like having fun with our lifestyle subjects," the job ad reads.

"We curate products through recipes, poems, essays, commentaries, and any other form the written word can take -- and we need someone who can keep that "let's-not-take-ourselves-too-seriously" essence going through all our content -- curated, and original.”

The role also requires the ability to inspire tables:

“Preserve.Us is Blake Lively's new startup, focused on highlighting people. stories and products from all across America that inspire your table, your home, and your style.”

If this sounds like you, and you’re willing to move to NYC “stat,” head over to LinkedIn to apply. For realz.