Here's the cast of 'Boy Erased', the new movie people are raving about

Oscars all round.

By Susannah Guthrie

New drama film Boy Erased is generating some serious Oscar buzz, with director Joel Edgerton and cast members like Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe and Troye Sivan all being praised for shining light on a particularly tragic true story.

If you've seen the title floating about but aren't quite sure what the movie is all about, allow us to explain. Boy Erased tells the story of a gay teenager whose parents subject him to Christian conversion therapy and it's based on the memoir of American writer Garrard Conley.

As the child of a pastor, Garrard struggled with his sexuality and was outed to his parents while in college, who forced him to undertake a gay conversion course, where he recalls being emotionally abused and traumatised.

Watch the Boy Erased trailer:

The film contains one incredibly confronting scene, which we've discussed here, and the entire plot deals with some very difficult material.

Thankfully, the cast does an exceptional job at handling it all and they've basically got every Golden Globe and Oscar on lock already.

Get to know them now before they're all over your social media feed when the movie hits cinemas on November 8, 2018.